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Pediatric Testing

prelievi per bambiniThe Dr. Di Piazza Giovanni Medical Testing Laboratory devotes particular attention to blood tests for children, even for those under the age of 2. We highly recommend making an appointment for children under 3, specifying the exact age of the child and any present diseases.

Following is a reminder of how to best prepare yourselves for a smooth blood test.

First of all, it is highly advisable for the parent not to be nervous or anxious. The opposite would in fact be ideal – to be calm and transmit serenity. Many children, due to external factors, are afraid of the man in the white coat holding the syringe… it is very important to try and erase the austere image of the doctor from children’s collective memory. It would be best to avoid using the doctor’s purported sternness to convince the child to obey, “If you don’t behave, I’ll take you to the doctor.” In fact, it would be best to tell them that the doctor is just a person (with a family, children of his own etc.), someone who just wants to help make people feel better.

During the days before the test, the parent should not calm the child with lies, rather they should tell them that during the test they might experience a feeling similar to that of a pinch. Telling the truth in a proper way is definitely the best way to face this event.

prelievi sangue bambini palermo

If your child is less than 3 years old, it is better to tell them about the test only two or three days before it is scheduled to take place and reassure them that they will go into the lab with their Mom, Dad or another well-known person. If your child is aged between four and ten, the truthful and simple explanation can be given up to a week before the event in order to leave them enough time to think about it and possibly ask some questions.

After the test, you should acknowledge the child’s bravery in facing this new experience.


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