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Who We Are

vintageThe Dr. Giovanni Di Piazza Medical Testing Laboratory began its activity in Palermo in 1950 in Via Benedetto Gravina 76, under the management of Giovanni Di Piazza, a clinical pathologist, with the authorization of the Prefect of Palermo. At the time, it partnered with the mutual aid societies.

In 1979, it became an SRL (a limited company), preserving its location and confirming its quality standards and the services offered, and it was recognized by the National Health System.

In 2011, the Laboratorio Dr. Giovanni Di Piazza Srl, in compliance with current laws, merged with the Laboratorio Dr. Mario Albanese s.a.s., founding a Medical Testing Consortium called Studio Medico Diagnostico Albanese – Di Piazza s.c.a.r.l., in order to improve its quality and instrumental performance.

The Medical Director of the Laboratorio Dr. Giovanni Di Piazza Srl and of the Consortium Studio Medico Diagnostico Albanese – Di Piazza s.c.a.r.l., is Dr. Mario Di Piazza, who obtained his Medical Degree at the University of Palermo. He specialized in Preventive Medical Hygiene (focusing on Laboratory work) at the University of Messina, and in Clinical Biology at the University of Catania, and qualified in Management Training at the University La Sapienza in Rome, and is now on leave from Medical Testing Director of Laboratory at the Hospital Villa Sofia-CTO.

Over the years, the laboratory has established itself locally for its proven reliability and the excellent professionalism offered to its patients.
The constant technological renewal of the instruments and the staff’s professional level, all highly qualified and constantly updated, have allowed the Laboratory to reach ever higher standards of quality.


Patient recognition technology uses a personalized barcode that is applied from the first test. This and the connection of all instruments to a central host ensure the highest levels of security in the identification of samples, and the utmost reliability in the transmission of the results.

The Dr. Giovanni Di Piazza Medical Testing Laboratory is part of the FCSA – Federazione Centri per la diagnosi della trombosi e la Sorveglianza delle terapie Antitrombotiche (Federation of Centers for the diagnosis of Thrombosis and the Monitoring of Antithrombotic Therapies) (center n. 534) and, in compliance with the law, it undergoes all the quality controls required by the Federation.

Furthermore, as an ulterior guarantee of the quality of its service, since 2012 it has successfully participated in the External Evaluation Quality Program, in compliance with current laws, i.e. quality controls c/o the CRQ, Centro Regionale Qualità, of the Health Department of the Regione Sicilia.

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